Pablo Guido talked about economic growth

Pablo Guido, at the Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

Economic growth was the topic of the Lecture given by professor Pablo Guido to the students of Economic Process III of the Henry Hazlitt Center, at the Francisco Marroquín University, last March 28th 2006.

In his lecture, Guido made reference to the economic growth problem in the XXI Century macroeconomics; the causes of growth; the institutions that promote wealth creation, and the Economic Freedom Index.  Guido´s conference can be seen

Pablo Guido is a full time professor at the UFM´s Business School.  He has doctoral studies at the Rey Juan Carlos University and has written articles for the Latin American Aperture and Development Center.

He has been professor of Public Finances and Economy for the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina; and of Economic Politics and Superior Economy at the Superior School of Economics and Business School, in Argentina.

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