Parametric and generative techniques in the Architecture

The student Sofía Castillo while she shows one of the projects

A workshop to explore the parametric slight knowledge in the process of architectonic design and its material implementation by means of construction possibilities, exposed by Axel Kilian of the Massachussets Institute of Technology and Axel Paredes of the UFM, the 11 to the 23 of June of 2005.

«the workshop made emphasis in the architectonic solution and the strategy of manufacture. Although we hoped to explore creative and nonconventional formal proposals, the center of the exercise were not only the aesthetic and conceptúales decisions, but that to work in the reasonable possibilities of construction and feasibility; and in his parametric characteristics «, Architect Axel Paredes explained, professor of the University Francisco Marroquín.

The intention of the workshop was to design 3 membranes for spaces in which outside possible to meet, to talk, to relax, and to make small activities student. The membranes would be placed in different places from the campus of the UFM. «the challenge was to design feasible membranes and to make architectonic a strategy parametric that used a coherent formal language within the three solutions, and that, at the same time, were different in configuration to respond to the characteristics of the sites in which they would be located», added Paredes.

«Although CAD and other tools of design have contributed to design complex architectonic forms, the lack of flexibility of these tools in relation to the aspects of engineering of those designs, make limitantes when the moment arrives from the construction. That does that the communication between the architect and the engineer is distant. In this context, the use of new tools of parametric design allows a rational understanding of the limits and potentialities of architectonic solutions that require stops levels of complexity in their design and its manufacture «, concluded Paredes.

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