Perc received the Templeton Foundation Award

The Templeton Awards are handed and administered by the Atlas Research Foundation

For the promotion of environmental entrepreneurs or enviropreneurs, the Property and Environment Research Center, received a Templeton Freedom Award.

The Award, administered by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, recognizes son innovative programs sponsored by independent research institutes all over the world, and it has the name of the investor and philanthropist Sir John Templeton.

The Templeton Awards are given in four categories: market solutions for poverty, social entrepreneurship, ethics and values, and student outreach.  The award that PERC received was in the social entrepreneurship category for his project of environmental entrepreneurship camping.  Such camping stimulates the participants to discover how it is that individual initiative, property rights and free market can help resolve environmental problems.

PERC is founded in the following principles:

Property rights promote taking care of the environmentGovernmental subsidies frequently degrade the environmentMarket incentives cheer up individuals to keep and protect the environment qualityThe contaminants should be responsible for the damages that they cause others ——————————




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