Francisco Pérez de Antón, center, at the Ludwig von Mises reading club

La guerra de los carinegros is the name of the new book by Francisco Pérez de Antón, that will be presented next Tuesday August 1st 2006 at 6:30 p.m., during the International Book Fair celebrated at the Industrial Park.

The novel deals on the complex drama of the spiritual conquest of the Indias, and the implantation of the Christian utopia in a small villa of Central America.

The writer and businessman Francisco Pérez de Antón is doctor honoris causa by the Francisco Marroquín University and the first graduate of the UFM Business School.  He also received an award by UFM Law School honoring the National Author in 2005.

Pérez de Antón is author of books like Los hijos del incienso y de la pólvora, El gato en la sacristía and La libre empresa, among others of literary, periodistic and academia carácter.

La guerra de los carinegros is Published by Alfaguara.