Pia Greene, at the UFM

Journalist, Pia Greene, during a meeting at the UFM

With the purpose of exploring and concretizing an agreement between Universidad de los Andes, Chile, and Universidad Francisco Marroquín, in the academic matter of journalism, Pia Greene, journalist and analyst, met with Santiago Fernández, secretary of the UFM’s Institute of Political Studies and International Relations.

Fernández and Greene exchanged information about the journalism programs of both houses of studies and expressed their interest to create an exchange program for students.

Afterwards, Pia Greene met with UFM’s treasurer, Ramón Parellada and the president of Instituto Juan de Mariana, from Spain, Gabriel Calzada and the director of the New Media Digital Resources Center, Rebeca Zúñiga.  They were joined by Ricardo Castillo A., UFM’s General Secretary.  Mayra Ramírez, Assistant to the President, and Luis Figueroa, Director of Public Relations, also joined them.

The meeting was celebrated last June 14 of 2007 before Greene’s participation in the colloquy Explorations on Liberty, organized by the Liberty Fund and this house of studies.

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