Pieces from Museo Popol Vuh in Bilbao

Partial view of the exhibition where the Museo Popol Vuh participated, in Bilbao

With mayan pieces from Museo Popol Vuh of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología de Guatemala, was organized the exposition titled Los mayas, cultura milenaria in Bilbao, Spain, informed Rossanna Valls, manager of the UFM’s museum.

The exposition, organized by Fundación Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa, will be opened from March 14 until May 2007 at the exposition room of the BBK Foundation in that city, where Valls went to set up the exhibition. 

The exhibition has eighty original pieces, most of them vases and ceramic bowls from the pre-classic, classic and post-classic periods.  50 of those belong to Museo Popol Vuh.

«It was complicated to choose the pieces because through them we wanted to make a review of many years of history», Valls explained to the newspaper Gara, in Bilbao, that published a note last March 15.  Valls mentioned the importance of some of the exhibited objects, like an ocarina from the highlands or a funerary urn with a human face and a lid with the shape of a bird, says the Spanish newspaper.

Newspapers like Bilbao, El País and El Mundo, as well as the magazines Ronda de Iberia, Bilbao Guía and Bilbao Agenda Kulturala, covered the exhibition.  There was also an interview at Radio Euzkadi and the presence of television, including the network Antena3.

The inauguration was presided over by the president of the BBK Foundation, Gorka Martínez; and the representative of the foundation, Rafael Calviño.  The coordinator is Rebeca Trunchado.  Guatemala’s ambassador in Spain, Roboerto Gereda, assisted to the inauguration; as well as the representative from the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Luis Castillo.  Also Guatemala’s Consul in Bilbao, Alfonso Montoya.

The exhibition had important
news coverage.

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