Pieces from Museo Popol Vuh in Germany

View of one exhibition room

With 22 pieces from Museo Popol Vuh of Universidad Francisco Marroquín and with contributions from the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology of Guatemala; and with pieces of other museums in Berlin and Israel, as well as pieces from private collections, an exhibition on the Mayans was mounted in the exhibitions room of

Lokschuppen, of Rosenheim, Germany.

Roxana Valls, manager of Museo Popol Vuh, traveled there to assemble the exhibition that will remain in that city until October 3rd.  Then it will be transferred to the city of Hildesheim, where it will be open to the public during 6 months.

«The assembly of the exhibition is thematic and there are rooms dedicated to animals, beauty, war, their Gods, goods and the elite, among others», Valls explained.

The Lokschuppen exhibitions room is located in the old train machine room. For this exhibition it was demanded to be at the height of museum, so new safety measures, climate control, new display cabinets were implemented, and other things.  The inauguration of the exhibition was last March 29 of 2007, it was attended by the citys Mayer, Gabriela Bauer, Salvador Lopez, director of Registro del Patrimonio Nacional de Guatemala; and Rodolfo Yaquián, restorer of the National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology in Guatemala.  

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