Psychology professors at APA convention

Isabel Garcés, Yetilú de Baessa, Andrea Musso and Margarita de Urrea, at the APA convention

Yetilú de Baessa, director of the Psychology Department of Universidad Francisco Marroquín -joined by professors Andrea Musso, Margarita de Urrea and Isabel Garcés- participated in the CXV Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association that was celebrated from August 17th to the 20th of 2007 in San Francisco, California.

During the 
Convention’s inauguration the Prize to the Best Psychologist of the year was granted to 
Daniel Kahneman, psychologist, professor and investigator of Princeton University. The award was handed by the 2006 Nobel Prize in economy.

Among the discussed topis at the Convention were alcohol abuse in young people, the increase in the number of men who exert paternity during 100% of their time, the use of non ethical interrogation methods by the government, violence in videogames, the value of elections and the abilities in the aging process and others.





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