Rainbow at the UFM’s Arboretum

The optical phenomena at the fountain of the von Mises Library.

The fountain at the Ludwig von Mises Library, comprised in the Arboretum of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, began 2007 with renewed energy.  As a result of its force, it offers each afternoon an optical spectacle that resembles a rainbow.

In the
Arboretum, the fine drops of water act like prisms. When the light of the Sun shines through the drops of rain, or the water of the fountain in this case, light is dispersed in all directions, but in some more that others. The sunlight rays involved in the formation of the rainbow leave the drops of water making an arc viewable to the human eye. 

Isaac Newton was the one who demonstrated that, with the aid of a
[images/070111_arcoiris2.jpg prism], it is possible to see that the white light of the Sun is composed of colors that vary from red to violet, passing through orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo.





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