Regina Wagner’s book in important catalogue

The book’s cover

The History of Coffee in Guatemala, is the title of the book by professor Regina Wagner, was recently included in the catalog of the Independent Publishers Group of Chicago.

IPG is the most important distributor of independent editors in the United States and the most advanced in Spanish books distribution in that market, Benjamin Villegas of Villegas Editors explained.

The History of Coffee in Guatemala, published by the National Coffee Association, received the 2003 award to the best culinary history Spanish book in Latin America.

«Originally from Ethiopia, coffee is a popular beverage in the entire world, first in Arabia and the Middle East, then in Europe, America and the rest of the world, becoming a key development element for many countries that, in time, based their economy on the grain production.  Today, the coffee volume traded in the world is only overcome by oil, which explains its importance.

This book tells and illustrates in detail the story of coffee in Guatemala, one of the first Central American countries where the product played an essential role.  It is the first time that the entire context of this industry that involves agriculture, economics, social, trade and culture is analyzed deeply, since the plant seeding and recollection to the processing and distribution.

Written by Regina Wagner, Guatemalan historian, expert on socioeconomic topics, the book constitutes a recompilation, serious and entertaining at the same time, of an industry that influences the whole country», Villegas said.

Regina Wagner has a Ph.D. in History by Tulane University, teaches history at the Francisco Marroquín University.  She is also a member of the Guatemalan Geography and History Society.  Author of  Los alemanes en Guatemala, 1828-1944and Historia social y económica de Guatemala, 1524-1900.




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