Representatives from Sapienza, in the UFM

Ferdinando Terranova, from Sapienza; and Roberto Quevedo, from the UFM, at a meeting in the Presidency of this house of studies.

In order to find possibilities for the academic interchange between Universidad Francisco Marroquín and the Sapienza, Universitá di Roma, members of this University visited the UFM last February 16th  of 2007.

Ferdinando Terranova, director of the School of Architecture, at Sapienza; and Francesca Giofré, from that house of studies, came accompanied by Fortunato Cerasso and Matteo Cattaneo, from the Italian Institute of Culture.

The group met with UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and with the dean of the School of Architecture, Roberto Quevedo.

During the meeting, where they interchanged ideas about possible academic interchanges, the President told them the UFM’s mission, that is to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; and the commitment of this university with academic excellence.

After the encounter and accompanied by dean Quevedo, the visitors knew the School of Architecture, the New Media Digital Resources Center, the Ludwig von Mises Library, Museo Popol Vuh and the exhibition of the Linen cloth of Quauhquechollan.

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