Representatives from the Marfá Foundation visited the UFM

Eugenia Pigem, Cristina Martínez Bordonau and Anna Rull, at the UFM’s Presidency

In order to explore the collaboration possibilities to grant scholarships to talented students with limited resources, three representatives from the Marfá Foundation for development and academic formation, visited the Francisco Marroquín University.

Cristina Martínez Bordonau, one of the founders and member of the foundations patronage; Eugenia Pigem and Anna Rull gather with UFM’s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and Mónica de Zelaya, coordinator of the program Impulso al Talento Académico  and Rossana de Grazioso, Admissions Director of this house of studies.  The meeting was held last May 29th 2006.

The scholarships that the Marfá Foundation are offering will be granted to study in the applicants local universities with most prestige and academic quality, selected by the Foundation. 

The Foundation is a non lucrative entity whose main purpose is to cooperate in developing, through granting scholarships for the university, the formation of youngsters with limited resources for those studies.

Those scholarships include academic expenses, inscription and monthly college fees, including workshops and labs.  In many cases, they also include housing, transport and support expenses.

At the UFM, the purpose of the program Impulso al Talento Académico  is to form professionals capable of being successful, locally and internationally, prepared to occupy the most important leadership positions and to fulfill the UFM’s mission.

This house of studies, through the ITA program, grants each of the selected students during the entire career, a complete scholarship, covering academic expenses and textbooks.  Besides, the students are granted a monthly allowance for supplies and transport.  The program also covers housing expenses in college residences.

The ITA students are carefully selected in order to admit students with extraordinary intellectual capabilities and with the determination of getting an excellent professional formation in Business Management, Economics or Law.  Another indispensable condition to have access to the program is that those students lack enough economical resources to pay for their studies.

The students keep a superior average in their respective academic units and they show high leadership qualities.

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