Ronald Flores at lecture with Social Philosophy students

Ronald Flores at the UFM’s Milton Friedman Auditorium

Express what you think: democracy, market and freedom of expression, was the title of the conference that the writer Ronald Flores offered to the students of Social Philosophy and Rhetoric of the Austrian School, last April 20 of 2007 at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Ronald Flores, author of a Un paseo en primavera, among others, spoke on the themes mentioned above and mentioned ideas like that the characteristic of democracy is not the use of the force, but the persuasion; and that in it the center of the urban life moved from the courts towards the market.  He also mentioned that the danger is to fall into demagoguery. The lecturer also referred to Plato and Aristotle, as well as Winston Churchill, David Hume and Voltaire.

He concluded with a phrase by Paul Edwards: Faced the binary opposition of a feudal or commercial nation, only a commercial nation could foment a philosopher, a critical free-thinker of the established institutions.  Then he answered the questions from the students who participated in the conference.

Biannually the class of Social Philosophy directed by doctor Julio Caesar De León Barbero, that comprises part of the program of the UFM’s Henry Hazlitt Center, organizes an extra activity classroom for all the students that take the courses of Social Philosophy in the UFM, and now also the class of Rhetoric of the Austrian School.  In these series of conferences the participant lecturers have been Fritz Thomas, with the subject the cost of governance; Alberto Benegas-Lynch, with the subject unemployment and wages.  Also Maite Rico and Bertrand of the Grange, authors of the book Who killed the bishop?; Jose Eduardo Valdizán, lawyer and journalist; Warren Orbaugh, architect and professor of Theory of the Architecture; Roberto Blum, director of the David Hume Ethics Center; Carlos Sabino, on Guatemala’s October Revolution; and Marta Yolanda Diaz-Durán, Jorge Jacobs and Luis Figueroa, on journalism, among others. 

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