Rosales Award and best projects at the Architecture School

Juan Pablo Blas, receives the award Miguel Angel Rosales from Lidia de Rosales

Juan Pablo Blas, student of Fifth year of Architecture, in the Francisco Marroquín University, received the Prize Miguel Angel Rosales Izás corresponding to 2005.

The award consists of US0 and was instituted by Miguel Angel Rosales Izás, in 2002, to be given annually to the best student who has a closed pensum at the architecture school, in the Francisco Marroquín University.

The prize was given to him last February 10 of 2006 in an act in which professors, students and guests of the UFM´s Architecture School, where the best design proyects of 2005 were also awarded.

From the architectonic point of view, Rosales
participated in the design of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, that crosses the Charles river in Boston, Massachusetts, which is recognized as widest bridge of the world. The bridge, in addition, is being constituted as a Bostonian icon, in the same way in which the Golden Gate Bridge is an icon of San Francisco, California.

The winners of the best project were: of advanced design, Juan Pablo Blás, of Fifth year; and Andrés Jiménez and Iván Walter, of fourth year.  Of Third year, Juan Pablo Grisolía, of Second, Ignacio Basterrechea and of First year, Sorie Oba.

During the act dean Ernesto Porras and professors Warren Orbaugh and Andreas Bunge offered complimentary words to the winners.  In the same one participated Lydian in Rosales, mother of the architect Miguel Angel Rosales.

The nominees from each catergory were:
Fifth year:

Emilio PensabeneAury CeballosLucía GonzálezRocio CifuentesRodolfo CabreraFourth year:

Juan Manuel SamayoaLilian CáceresAndrea MonroyFernando GonzálezPaula HiguerosMaría Ines BarriosCamila VizcainoBetzy ArrecheaThird year:

Douglas GuerreroStephan SecairaSecond year:

Pedro Miguel VallsKatia MontenegroMaría Isabel FloresIgnacio BasterrecheaFirst year:

Vera AlvaradoAna Lucrecia SieckavizzaMarcella LunaMore photos, 




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