Sabino published »Todos nos equivocamos»

Carlos Sabino, author of Todos nos equivocamos

Todos nos equivocamos is the title of the memories published by professor Carlos Sabino and presented last July 4th of 2007 at the Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico para la Libertad, in Caracas, Venezuela.

During the presentation ceremony of Todos nos equivocamos, the book was commented by Emeterio Gómez, director of Cedice; by Américo Martín, economic analyst, and by Gustavo Portillo, member of the economic council of Cedice.  

Gabriel Zanotti, in the magazine Camino de Libertad wrote that «the reading of Carlos Sabino’s book is an exciting experience.  It is a true example of life and the history of the search for truth, the passion for ideas, the bravery to change them, but never to leave them, and the history of a systematic rejection to all form of violence.  

In Libertad Digital, Gorka Echeverria expressed the following when talking about the book: «To many, the story of Sabino resembles their own, or a semblance of what, in some way or another, many persons went through, such as Federico Jiménez Losantos or Javier Rubio. Anyway, Sabino’s story is the story of how Latin America was mistaken while embracing the left.  Paraphrasing the title, We all make mistakes; what happens is that some remain in their mistakes and others surpass them. The difference between them is explained by the life and work of Carlos Sabino. Without a doubt, these are memories to recover a truly historical memory».

Sabino does not have the fury of the recently converted, which allows him to neatly demolish, without hate, all the myths of socialism, expressed Carlos Alberto Montaner, when referring about the author of that autobiographical work.

Todos nos equivocamos was published by the Argentine publishing house
Grito Sagrado.  Recently, Carlos Sabino published Guatemala,la historia silenciada. The author is doctor in social sciences and Professor at the Central University of Venezuela and at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.  He is also author of Desarrollo y calidad de vida, El fracaso de el intervencionismo, De cómo un Estado rico nos llevó a la pobreza and Diccionario de Economía y Finanzas, among others.





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