Siang Aguado de Seidner presented »Juego de espejos»

Jesús Chico and Siang Aguado de Seidner during the presentation of Juego de espejos

Juego de espejos is the title of the book that Siang Aguado de Seidner, director of the Education Department of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, presented last March 15 2007.

The comments on the book were by Francisco Pérez de Antón, author of La Guerra de los capinegros and Los hijos del incienso y de la pólvora, among others.  Jesús Chico, from the publishing house Artemis Edinter presented the book.

«My occupation is History, that is my vocation; my enthusiasm and fascination is literature and my devotion, teaching», says the author when introducing her book.  «The truth is that I love History and the project of writing this book began when some of my friends suggested that I should summarize some of the conferences, speeches and published essays, the ideas I taught to my students, the reviews and points of view of certain historical characters», she explains in the introduction.

«I must confess that I have enjoyed writing them, since they are part of my thoughts and they all belong to my spiritual and mental wellbeing that I have tried to present with all sincerity and own judgment, without trying to impose my opinions and being conscious that each person has its own perspective», she adds.

«This essays and stories are a game of mirrors inside a mind, in the way that one thing reflects another, and you can observe what is behind and besides it very clearly.  They are a reflection of reality and the imagination of my conception of the world», the author concludes.

Juego de espejos has reflections on historical characters like Juana de Arco and Francisco Marroquín; literary characters like Werther and Ana Kerenina; and ideas and reflections on themes like tolerance and liberty.

» Juego de espejos is a book that makes us meditate on history (the mirror of our past), on literature (light reflects the spirit) and universal themes like liberty or intolerance», said Francisco Pérez de Antón during the presentation of the book; and his entire speech can be read here (

Siang Aguado de Seidner has a Licentiate in History from Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, with studies in Literature and Language, Numerary Academic from the Academia de Geografía e Historia de Guatemala; member of the Real Academia de la Historia de España, and the Academies of Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Honduras.

Currently she is the director of the Education Department of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, where she manages the middle school professorate in Language, Social Sciences and Art History, as well as the Licentiate in Language and Literature teaching and the Licentiate in Art History.

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