SIFE-UFM awarded winners of stock-exchange competition

Luis Fernando Contreras; Diego Joachín; Raul Girón, from Mercado de Futuros; and Esteban Andrino; before the announcement of the second competition

«Karl Gossman, with a return of 121% was the winner of the first stock exchange competition organized by the SIFE-UFM team, and last April 6th 2006 he received the Q300 prize and a scholarship for the seminar on Emerging Markets Business Evaluation, offered by the Business School of the Francisco Marroquin University», informed Diego Joachín, one of the organizers.

The second place was for Rodrigo Pellecer who started the competition with loses, but at the end he managed to get a 83% return on his investment.  The third place was for Carlos Porres, with a return of 32%.

After the award ceremony, the SIFE-UFM team offered a conference by Raúl Girón, from the company Mercados de Futuros, who explained how his company works and showed the trading platform that they use to negotiate currency.

The second competition of potential investors, through a simulated portfolio in
Market Watch, is already on its way.

«The competition will last 4 weeks and will start on April 17th 2006.  The competitor that gets the biggest return will win Q300, and there will be prices of Q100 and Q75 for the second and third place respectively», explained Joachin.

The inscription costs Q30 per competitor at the UFM’s Economic Sciences School or at

«This competitions will continue throughout the rest of the year and are directed to UFM students.  Its main purpose is to generate funds for the SIFE-UFM team and to motivate the students financial abilities», he added.

SIFE is a non profit organization active in more than 40 countries.  It was created and founded by corporations, business men, foundations and individuals.  SIFE establishes teams of students in different universities, who, once a year compete at a world championship based on SIFEs pillars: financial skills, entrepreneurship, business ethics and market economics.




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