Stock-exchange competition

Preliminary meeting on monday February 13th at 1:00 p.m. at the Academic Building, A-406.

A competition of potential investors, by means of portafolio of investments simulated in Market Watch, has been organized by the Students in Free Enterprise team of the Francisco Marroquín University.

«The competition, that is developed in, will last 4 weeks; and the participant who obtains the greater returns will gain Q300, there are prizes of Q100 and Q75 for the second and third place respectively», Diego Joachin explained, member of the SIFE-UFM team.

The cost for the competition will be of Q30 per participant and there is a capacity for 50 competitors.  These competitions will continue throughout the year and are conducted by UFM´s Students In Free Enterprise.  It´s objective is to raise funds for the SIFE-UFM team and to stimulate the financial abilities of the students, he added.

«The closing activity of the competition will be an informative chat about the world´s financial markets present situation, by a professional in the subject. During the same one, the portafolios winners and losers will be analyzed and the respective prizes will be given, indicated Joachin.

The competition begins Monday February 20 and finishes on Friday March 17.  The registering deadline is due on Monday February 17, with the secretary of the School of Businesses of the Francisco Marroquín University.  Information on the competition is available at   Additionally there will be a press conference held on Monday February 13th at 1:00 p.m. in the Academic Building, A-406. The competition will be declared desert if a minimum number of 20 competitors is not obtained.

Students In Free Enterprise is an organization without profit aims, it´s active in more than 40 countries. Founded and financed by corporations, industralists, foundations and individuals, it establishes teams of students in different universities, which compete at world-wide level on the basis of the four pillars of SIFE: financial abilities, entrepreneurship, businesses ethics and market economics.






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