Students from fraternidad misionera, at the UFM

The visitors at the UFM garden

A group of 17 students from Fraternidad Misionera de María visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín to dialogue with professor Alberto Benegas Lynch (jr) and tour the campus.

In the dialogue with Benegas they got acquainted and they shared the relationship between Christianity and liberty, said Yolanda de Sandoval, their professor while explaining that these students, in their pensa at the Seminario Mayor, they receive the courses Economic Process and Social Philosophy given by the UFM’s
Henry Hazlitt Center.

Benegas Lynch said that the group turned out to be stimulating, that is, participative, that they question and do not give anything for granted.  They have the attractive of inviting you to discuss in different themes besides economy, especially in philosophical matters of their interest.

When concluding the dialogue, the visitors said:

We liked it, especially because it was a dialogue during which Ph.D. Benegas exposed his points of view and allowed us to expose and debate our own points of view, even though he is very firm in his posture.It helped us to have more clarity on the importance of changing institutions, so that this way we can improve the life quality of individuals.It was very interesting to listen to his ideas and knowledge on the subjects discussed.During their visit to the UFM campus the students visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, the New Media Digital Resource Center and the Popol Vuh Museum.

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