Students from Lafayette College, at the UFM

Partial view of the Lafayette College students, at the UFM.

With the objective to explore the cultural, demographical, economical, geographical, historical and political dimensions that determine life standards, and the forces that improve and prevent the growth in developing countries, a group of 18 students of
Lafayette College is at Universidad Francisco Marroquín accompanied by professors

During their stay at the UFM the group will learn on the History of Guatemala, History of the Mayans and market processes.  They will visit La Antigua, Sololá, Chichicastenango, lake Atitlán, the Pacaya volcano, The Andes Reserve in Pochuta and Tikal.  They will also have activities at the Excellence Center of this house of studies.

Throughout the course that began last January 5th and will conclude the 16th of this month, the visitors will meet with Manuel F. Ayau, UFM’s President emeritus; as well as with industrialists, anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, and other professors of this university, including 
 who is visiting to lecture a socratic practice course.

The visitors are Danielle Bero, Lauren Costa, Megan Gagliardi, Denica Karadzhova, Leah Leibach, Mollie Lyle, Jessica Martin, Shanae Moore, Allison Murray, Heather Smith, Hawley Tremblay, Stephen Discepola, Daniel Gallagher, Ryan McCall, Chris Sanford, Mathew Weiss and Robert Waldele.

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