Students from the Austrian School at the UFM

Students from the Asutrian School at the UFM’s Students Center

A group of students from the Austrian Guatemalan Institute, that participated in the celebration of Ludwig von Mises birthday in November 2005, at the Francisco Marroquín University, visited again this house of studies to receive a thankful note and to know the campus.

The visitors were received by Doctor Joseph Keckeisssen, Mises disciple and representative of the Austrian School of Economy.  During the lunch, Doctor Keckeissen talked about Mises and the Austrian School before handling each of the participants a thank you note signed by Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM´s President.

, students from the Guatemalan Austrian Institute participated in the birthday celebration of the economist Ludwig von Mises organized by students of the Francisco Marroquín University and professor Joseph Keckeissen last November 3rd 2005.  The students, who were in eleventh grade then, danced Jägermarch, Bändertanz, Krebspolka  and Schuplatten  in the UFM’s central garden.

The young visitors got to know the University and they received information on the
admission process  and the educational options that this house of studies offers.  They also heard about the UFM’s
mission  that is, to teach and diffuse the ethical, juridical and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; and its commitment with
academic excellence, understood as «the quality of ideas, principles and acts of who, as professors or students, are habitually above the plain material and routine fulfillment of their duty, constituting before all an example of coherent life».  Excellence, understood this way, «is only possible in a frame of freedom, competition and respect».

Besides Doctor Keckeissen, in the activity with the students last June 1st 2005, participated Rossana de Grazioso, Admissions director; Ivonne de Suárez, director of the Henry Hazlitt Center; Yolanda de Sandoval, from the CHH; a group of alumni from the Austrian Guatemalan Institute that study at the UFM; and Luis Figueroa, director of Public Relations.






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