Students listened the UFM´s history

Manuel F. Ayau, telling the UFM´s history at the Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

Anecdotes about the social, economic and political environment in Guatemala, during the years in which the idea to found the Francisco Marroquín University was developed, as well as details of the foundation process, were shared by Manuel F. Ayau, founding president of this house of studies, with doctor Joseph Keckeissen´s students of Social Philosophy.

Ayau told them how the Economic Social Studies Center was established (
CEES), the first think tank in Guatemala and the UFM´s cradle.

He also related the difficulties the founders had to overcome and how the beginnings of the University required the commitment and hard work of many people who, in Guatemala and abroad, contributed in many ways to make it happen.  The video of Ayau´s speech will be seen here, promptly.

In his presentation, UFM´s President emeritus made reference to the mission of the University that is, the education and diffusion of the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons, same that is contained in the organizations

Interested in the causes of subdevelopment, engineer Manuel F. Ayau undertook the study of the Economy and Law.  In 1957 he founded the Economic Social Studies Center.  He founded the Francisco Marroquín University and was its President from 1972 to 1988.  He has participated in the international academic world as member and director of the Mont Pelerin Society, where he was President in 1978-80; fiduciary of the Foundation for Economic Education and director of the Liberty Fund since 1978.  He is author of several books and many articles published in news papers and national and foreign magazines.
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