Succesful projects for the IK Center

Ian Vásquez and David Martínez-Amador, at the CATO Institute

Different think tanks, at the Washington D.C. area, were visited to tighten cooperation and propose conjoint investigation projects, by the UFMs Ibn Khaldun International Research Centers director.

David Martínez-Amador, director of the IK Center, informed that «he will support the constitution of the World Global Economy project, conjointly with
Freedom Works.  This project is a global development and economic change monitoring.  The IK Center will develop and cover the part of Latin American and its political reconfiguration. In this effort, to support the investigation, the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations will take in consideration its best students interested in collaborating», Martínez-Amador explained.

At the CATO Institute, after a meeting with Ian Vásquez, director of Economic Policy, they agreed to translate into Spanish articles and promotional material, specially the new Economic Liberty Index for the arab world.

Finally, Martínez-Amador gathered with representatives of the American States Organization to establish and promote the possibility of having, at the Francisco Marroquín University during 2007, the MOAS political participation model.  This event gathers annually more than 400 students at the ASO so that every universitary delegation represents a member country in a simulacrum of the most important topics of the Organization.  «This project is on its way», the IK Centers director said.


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