Success for authors of microbiology book

The book was presented, at the UFM, on june 2005.

The book Microbiología, lo escencial y lo práctico, published by the professors of the Francisco Marroquín University, Jorge Tulio Rodriguez and David Prado, was accepted as a text book for all the medicine and health science schools, libraries and faculties in Latin America, by the Pan-American Health Organization.

Rodriguez directs the UFM´s School of Nutrition, and Prado teaches Clinical Microbiology, at the same school.

The work, recommended to the PAHO by Claudia Ramírez, dean of the Health Sciences School at the Rafael Landívar University, contains valuable and practical information on bacteria and bacterial diseases, viral diseases, fungic diseases, parasitic diseases, recommendations in the use of antimicrobiotics, infection prevention in health workers and a medical microbiology laboratory manual.

In a letter directed to Ramírez, Joaquín Molina, PHAO´s representative, indicates that «in reference to his note dated July 21st of 2005, we inform you that the extended textbook and training materials program accepted the book Microbilogía, lo escencial y lo práctico, sent for evaluation».

The book has the endorsement of the Nutrition School and the Medicine School of the Francisco Marroquín University; and with the one of the Asociación Guatemalteca de Enfermedades Infecciosas  and of the Sociedad Latinoamericana de Infectología Pediátrica. It was sponsored by the Scientific Area of Menarini Laboratories and was
  at the UFM on June 2nd, 2005.



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