Taipei Medical University Center Director, at the UFM

Doctor Wu Chih-hsing, fifth from left to right, with the UFM’s School of Medicine board of directors

Doctor Wu Chih-hisiung, superintendent and director of the Medical Taipei Center Hospital, of Taiwan, visited the Medicine School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

During his visit he met with the UFM’s Medicine School board of directors, with the dean, Federico Alfaro and with UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.

With the board of directors he spoke of cooperation possibilities in training programs for medical and paramedical personnel; at the same time they explored the possibility of UFM’s medicine students participating in future medical journeys that Taiwanese doctors carry out in Guatemala.

In the meeting with UFM’s President, doctor Wu made a presentation of his hospital and university, where he also teaches at the Surgery Department.  In the presentation he made emphasis in the technology used for patients medical reports, and in the administrative aspects.

Doctor Wu visited the board of directors of the School accompanied by Antonio Yeh, from the Taiwan embassy; and visited President Ibárgüen in company of the ambassador Francisco Ou.

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