Tenth first Coloquio about the Freedom, in the UFM

Partial group of participants before they initiate the sessions

The tenth first Coloquio about the Freedom, with the participation of professors and executives of the University Francisco Marroquín is celebrated under the conduction of Fernando Monterroso V. from 29 Friday and Saturday 30 of 2005 July.

The Coloquio comprises of a series of which it is celebrated in the UFM to discuss academic subjects. First it was carried out in December of 2003 and are integral part of a program of the Rectoría that includes the socráticos dialogues, the colloquies with directors of schools, and the series of Explorations on the Freedom, inaugurated in December of 2003. The tenth coloquio was celebrated in May of 2005.

In this occasion they participate: Luis Giovanni Alvarado, of Data processing, Luz Maria Barrientos, of Vicerrectoría; Carlos Coyoy, Patricia Joachín, Dennis Rodas and Krishna van der Brule, of Quetzaltenango; David Chacón and Luis Figueroa, of the Department of Philosophy; Jorge Lavarreda, of the National Economic Research center; Jennifer Leonowens and Ligia Oviedo, of Psychology; Lucy Martinez-Mont, of Explorations on the freedom; Maria Andrea Monterroso, of the Center Henry Hazlitt; Lucia Olivero, of Friends of the Library; and Frody Portillo, general accountant.

Around the thematic one of the Logic of the Social Cooperation, in the same one to the following works and subjects are discussed: Of Robinson Crusoe to Friday, by Manuel F. Ayau; The human society, and the Interchange in the society, The Division of Labor and The Gains from Trade; by Ludwig von Mises; The Prisoner´s Dilemma, Telling Hawks from Doves, of Matt Ridley; and Associations in Life Civilian, by Alexis de Tocqueville and the Law, of Federico Bastiat. 

Like complementary readings: Notes of Economy and Policy. Economic analysis of the public decisions; a publication of the Center for the Analysis of Decisiones Publicas (CADEP). Vol. 1. No. 7. May/jun 2002; and 8 no. Jul/aug 2002. 

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