The Dentistry School celebrates its 25th aniversary

Ramiro Alfaro, dean fo the UFM’s Dentistry School; Francisco Pérez de Antón and Estuardo Zachrisson, during the inaugural act
Foto por Jorge Samayoa.

With the conference titled Marroquín y Las Casas: una querella histórica; a scientific week, a concert and a commercial exhibition, the Dentistry School of the Francisco Marroquín University celebrated its 25 years.

Francisco Pérez de Antón lectured the mentioned conference where he exposed the differences in character, objectives and values between the Francisco Marroquín, the first centralamerican bishop, and Bartolomé de las Casas, bishop of Chiapas.  The lecture will be seen here, soon.

The writer and businessman, Pérez de Antón, author of Los hijos del incienso y de la pólvora, among other notable Works.  He was professor and director of this house of studies, and is UFM’s fiduciary emeritus.

During this act, UFM’s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. offered eloquent words to the School, his founders and members.  Likewise, it was handed to him, and to Ricardo Castillo A., UFM´s general secretary, the foundation act of the School.

The Scientific Week program includes conferences on anesthetics techniques, esthetic rehabilitation, endodoncy, ceramic restorations, medical emergencies, tissue management, office administration and periapcial surgery.

The lecturers were the doctors Stanley Malamed, author of the Handbook of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office, among others; Donald Arenas, Endodoncy professor at the Indiana University School of Dentistry; Ben Johnson, creator of notable instruments for canal cleaning and treatment; José Valdivia, oral and maxillofacial rehabilitation specialist; Juan Villareal, president of the Harlingen Family Dentistry; and Oswaldo Scoping de Andrade, ceramic restoration expert.

«The UFM’s Dentistry School was founded 25 years ago, thanks to the effort, dedication, enthusiasm and, even capital, of a group of Dentists.  The purpose of the founders was to give the country a private institution in which the academic excellence was prioritized», explained dean Ramiro Alfaro.

«Since the beginning we sat our attention and our emphasis on a personalized education, in a nice environment, the recruitment of the best students, the organization of students in small groups and first quality facilities in labs and clinics», he added.

«During these years we have established relations of academic interchange with several prestigious schools in the United States, like the Dental Medicine School of the Pennsylvania University, the Dentistry School of the Alabama University, in Birmingham, and the Dental School of the Nova South Eastern University, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We have graduated 155 Dentists, all of them successful, and the number keeps growing.  54% of them have continued with post-degrees in foreign countries», said the dean.

«Our magnificent facilities can be seen, with prior appointment, by those who are interested in doing so.  Our expansion plans are very ambitious and soon we will be building a new academic building, with more classrooms, labs and clinics to attend patients.

Besides the past success, our Schools future is on the run.  We are hoping to achieve goals which will make us all feel proud», concluded Alfaro.

The concert was given by the National Symphonic Orchestra, with a Switzerland piano trio and Steven Dann, at the viola, was celebrated last April 27th at the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium of the Francisco Marroquín University, as part of the Bravísimo International Festival, organized by the Organización para las Artes Francisco Marroquín.

The commercial exhibition was installed during the entire celebration at the UFMs Liberty Plaza.

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