The Walls, discussed at the Ethic´s Center

Partial view of the participants

The Walls, was the subject of discussion at the UFM´s David Hume Ethics Center first colloquy of this year.

The participants interchanged ideas about the walls that divide and the walls that prevent us from leaving, as well as those that prevent us from comming in.  They also spoke about property and freedom rights.  Trust was also boarded during the colloquy as well as the reduction of life´s ethics due to the state intervention.

The readings assigned in this occasion were El nardo de la palabra (CIII), by Amable Sánchez Torres; and The selfish giant, by Oscar Wilde.

In the colloquy the participans were, from the Economic Sciences School, Wenceslao Giménez-Bonett, Astrid Ayala, Roberto Blum, Moris Polanco, Susette España, Claudia Porras de Araneda, Astrid Ortíz, José Raúl González Merlo, Maynor España, Regina de García, Antony Mueller, and Paola de la Cruz; from the  Henry Hazlitt Center, Juan José Ramírez, Luis Figueroa and Joe Keckeissen; from the Psychology School, Margarita Godoy de Urrea; from the Development Department, Amable Sánchez; from the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations, Olmedo Vásquez and Nineth Grosjean; from the Vicepresidency, Luz María Barrientos; from the Social Sciences Superior School, Armando de la Torre; from Friends of the Library, Erika Bornholt, and from El Periódico, Carlos Rigalt.

The activities of the UFM´s
David Hume Ethics Center  are possible thanks to a donation of doctor Ray Dawson, ex- professor of Columbia University and friend of this house of studies.

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