The walls, theme of Sokratic Kaffee

Discussion at the Künstler Kaffee

The walls ethics, walls of all type, was the subject discussed during the Sokratic Kaffee celebrated on March 8th, 2006, at the UFM´s Künstler Kaffee, organized by the David Hume Ethics Center, of this house of studies.

During the same one, the discussion was around the phisical walls like the one at the border between Mexico and the United States; but also about other type of walls.  Such is the case of the imaginary walls that people build to hide from reality or to protect themselves from it.  Also about those that exist between parents and children, or between generations.

The Sokratic Kaffee´s are celebrated once a month, and are a project of the
.  This are conceived as socratic forums about human experience and are dedicated to the study of ethic´s evolution.

UFM professors and students, and guests from Galileo University, attended the cited encounter conducted by Wnceslao Giménez-Bonet, dean of the Economic Sciences School.

The UFM´s David Hume Ethics Center activities, are possible thanks to the donation by Ray Dawson, exprofessor at the Columbia University and friend of this house of studies.




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