Two scholars at the Austrian Scholars Conference

Juan José Ramírez and Joseph Keckeissen, at the Ludwig von Mises Institute

UFM´s professors Joseph Keckeissen and Juan José Ramírez participated at the Austrian Scholars Conference organized by the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn Alabama from March 16th to 18th of 2006.

The conference gathered intellectuals and academics from all the world to share and increase the advances on Austrian tradition, specially on economics and politics.

Among the lecturers were: Josef Sima, from Prague University; Roderick Long, from the Auburn University; William Anderson, from Firstburg State University; Robert Higgs, from the Independent Institute; Michael Rozeff, from New York University at Buffalo; Joseph Salerno, from Pace University; Hans-Hermann Hoppe, from the Nevada University at Las Vegas; and Jeffrey Tucker, from the Misses Institute, among many Austrian vanguardists from all over the world.

During the sessions many relevant themes for the Austrian theory comprehension were discussed, such as private property, Rothbard´s legacy, the Fourth Power Austrian analysis, the ideology changing process, the state as an organization and the tensions between economics and religion.  «All these subjects left productive intuitions for all the assistants for a fructiferous posterior development» said Juan José Ramírez, assistant professor of social philosophy at the UFM.

«Our professor of Missian theory, Joseph Keckeissen, held high UFM´s name with interventions, in and out of the classrooms, that captured the attention of students, intellectual youth, professors and lecturers», Ramírez indicated.  «His comments generated debates and critics; but, undoubtedly, the respect and appreciation they have for him was notorious in these international academic circles», he explained.

«It is really fulfilling to be present at these events, since Austrian theory has a lot to offer for the understanding  of economic and social processes, specially in countries like ours in which is still a challenge to communicate to a broader audience the principles that will allow us to get out of poverty and intervention systems», he concluded.




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