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In the category of Web sites of Central American universities the one of the University Francisco Marroquín is located secondly, preceded by the site of the Pan-American School of Agriculture and followed by the one of the Central American Institute of Business Administration.

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Alexa, company founded on 1996 that provides an intelligent vision and in constant growth, of navigation in Internet by means of the participation of its users. Alexa Related Links and Traffic Rankings incarnate that vision that grows and improves in the measurement in which people are united to the community usuarios. 

The system of Alexa exists by the participation of the users in the community of the Alexa Toolbar. Each member of the community, to the time that acquires a useful instrument, contributes with him. When using the bar of tools, each member provides valuable information about the Web, of how it is used and of what is useful and what no.

Within that system of measurement and ranking, Guatemalan UFM follows the Honduran Zamorano and precedes to costarricencse INCAE on the rest of Central American university institutions and Panamá.

The most visited of 
www.ufm.edu is the electronic mail page, 21%; the site of the Center of Digital Resources New Media, 18%; ufm.edu.gt, 14%; the Faculty of Economy, 10%; and the personal pages of the community of the UFM, 9%. 

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