UFM Encounter: parents, profesors and authorities

Partial view of the attendants at the Juan Bautista Gutiérrez Auditorium

For the Francisco Marroquín University excellence is a virtue that is defined as «a superior quality that makes people or things worthy of singular esteem or estimation», said the president Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. during the presentation of the University´s authorities and professors, to the students parents.  This act was celebrated Thursday 12, January 2006.

The President explained that, for the this house of studies, the academic excellence is «the quality of ideas, principles and performance of those who, like professors or students, are usually above the simple and routine fulfillment of their duties, constituting a live example of coherent life before all of us».

He added that in the UFM the academic excellence of the professor implies a remote preparation (guaranteed by its credentials) and a next preparation (consisting of the careful and daily preparation of each subject and each class) to generously serve the students their experience as schollar and educator, their clasroom enthusiasm and its firm, courteous and customized attention to each one of them.

This commitment with excellence is contained in a document that, as a commitment with students and professors,  has been elaborated at the Francisco Marroquín University and its given to all the students.

As examples of the success in the search of the excellence, the President showed some activities that are made at the UFM, such as the New Media Digital Resources, the Popol Vuh Museum and the

The first part of the activity consisted of a Jam Session in charge of the teacher Lester Godínez.  And the projection of photographies of the freshman´s welcome rally.

Afterwards the attendies sanged Guatemala´s National anthem, and the President presented the Deans and Academic Directors of the University, as well as the Administrative and Services Directors.

Immediately afterwards, the participants were invited to a cocktail at the Liberty Plaza and to visit the Popol Vuh and Ixchel Museums in the UFM´s Cultural Center.  During the cocktail, the parents had the opportunity to meet personally the Deans, Directors and some faculty professors from the different the Faculties, Schools, Institutes and Departments.

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