UFM excellence in service 

Roberto Cervantes in the UFM´s Friedrich A. Hayek Auditorium

In order to train in the search of the excellence and quality service, academic directors, administrative directors and the personnel of the Francisco Marroquín University, participated in the seminary Service of Quality Disney Model, given by Roberto Cervantes.

The activity allowed them to understand and identify the factors that have made to the Walt Disney Company a world-wide success and try to adapt them in the University to give a first quality service to our clients, the students.  For Disney, the definition of quality service is «to lend the Maximum attention to all detail, to exceed the clients expectations».  It is based on knowing and understanding their clients.

When presenting the seminary, the president, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., explained that «in its almost 35 years of history, the UFM has remained faithful to its mission that is to teach and disseminate the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons, and that is the mission of all those that we worked in here «.

«We maintain rigorous academic standards, for that reason we attract the most talented students of all the country.  The students who enter the University are good students. It touches to us all, to generously put to the service of our students our experience, our enthusiasm and a courteous and customized attention. The students who come here are excellent and that is the treatment that must receive from us», he explained. 

«Our campus, our facilities and our technology are excellent and can be compared with the best ones of the world», said Ibárgüen, when mentioning that the Nobel prize Milton Friedman talked about the UFM in the following terms: «the University Francisco Marroquín is a wonderful and little uncommon example. In just a short time it has been placed between the universities leaders of Latin America, with a very important influence in the region. I do not know another succes story comparable to this one».

«But we do not have to fall in the complaisance trap.  The UFM is what it is, thanks to the tenacious efforts of our founders and those who have preceded us; it is our duty to honor them and the best thing than we can do is to consolidate the valuable traditions that let us tenaciously persecute excellence, that we only can attain demanding ourselves more than to others», he said when commenting «for that reason we want to share this seminary of service quality».

The activity, celebrated on January the 2 of 2006, was organized by Mayra Ramirez, the President´s Assistant and by Carla de Hess, director of the Excellence Center at the UFM.

When presenting Cervantes, Hess explained that he is a lawyer, has dictated Dale Carnegie seminaries, has been university professor at the UFM and other universities, and is adviser of labor, legal strategies and human resources. He graduated as Quality Service and Leadership, Disney style.

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