UFM sponsors astronomy website

AGA’s website is  hosted by the UFM

Universidad Francisco Marroquín is sponsoring the website for the Asociación Guatemalteca de Astronomía (AGA); where the AGA offers general information on astronomy, what is happening on space and other activities of the association.

«The AGA’s website is at 
www.cyberastronomo.org is a scientific association, non lucrative, whose objective is to promote and spread astronomic knowledge through the country.  It was founded in October 2001, by a group of amateur astronomers who desire to give current and accurate information of the Cosmos to every person who is interested in the universe events, regardless of age, religion, economic status or political affiliation», explained Edgar Castro Bathen, director of the Association.

«When an event takes place in the sky, like an eclipse, a comet or a meteor shower, the AGA organizes public observatories with their telescopes so interested persons can observe this celestial phenomena», he added.

The Association, also offers the participation of an electronic group with the latest in astronomy, where more than 360 amateurs of Latin America participate.  To join the group, send an email to 
cyberastronomo@yahoo.com.  The membership is free.

The AGA makes monthly lectures and conferences on diverse astronomic topics.  These meetings are held the last Wednesday of every month, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Conference room of INSIVUMEH, 7th Ave. 14-57 zone 13.  The entrance is free and every person interested in astronomy is invited.





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