UFM team members toured the campus

The participants, at the UFM’s Liberty Plaza.

As an induction activity in Universidad Francisco Marroquín for those who joined the team of this house of studies and for those who welcome them, a group of members of the personnel of this house of studies participated in a tour through the UFM campus.

During the visit, that was celebrated last Friday February 23rd 2007; the participants reunited with UFMs President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., who spoke to them about the mission of the University, that is to teach and diffuse the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons; and on its commitment with academic excellence, defined as the quality of ideas, principles and performance of those who, as professors or students, are habitually located over the simple material and routine fulfillment of their job, constituting before all a live example of coherent life. Excellence understood this way is only possible in a frame of freedom, competition and respect.  He also related the origins of this house of studies.

The participants visited the School of Businesses; Museo Popol Vuh and the Liberty Plaza; the New Media Digital Resources Center; the Center of Advanced Technologies; and the Ludwig von Mises Library.

The participants were Wendy Constanza, Marisol Zúñiga and Victoriano Sinay, from the Ludwig von Mises Library; Cristina Galindo and Jorge Mario Ayala, from the Economic Sciences School; Adyn Morales, Manuel Alvarez and Daphne Ortíz, from New Media; Mariela Buonafina, from the Development Department; Maria Antonieta Rottmann, from the Department of Psychology; Maria del Carmen Bashac, from Credits; Karin Sierra, Rigoberto Franco and the administrative vicedirector, Ottavio Benfatto.

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