UFM’s Arboretum won Arroba de Oro

The team that made the Arboretum website, at the UFM’s central garden

The Arboretum website of Universidad Francisco Marroquín won the Arroba de Oro award for the best website in Guatemala on the education category; meanwhile the website of Organización para las Artes Francisco Marroquín was nominated in the Art category.

This is the third year in a row in which Universidad Francisco Marroquín attains an outstanding position in such event.

Arroba de Oro contest, organized by Prensa Libre, is the most important in its class in Latin America; it looks forward to strengthen the internet industry, like María Mercedes de Blank, president of the cited newspaper mentioned.

«Their website contributes, more than others, to the development of the Internet industry in Latin America», said Blank to the nominees of the 19 categories awarded.  On the other hand, Enrique Solórzando, CEO of Prensa Libre, said that «Internet has become the door to the future».

The award, on behalf of the UFM, was received by Carla Silva, subdirector of the Development Department and coordinator of the multidisciplinary team that designed, programmed and entered the valuable content of the
Arboretum.  The director of the Arboretum project is Ricardo Castillo A., general secretary of this house of studies; and the manager is Ana Lucía Ortiz.

The Arboretum website is a team effort done by the UFM family.  Last April we were visited, at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín, by the philosopher Donald Livinston who, after touring the campus said that: «The UFM is not a University with beautiful gardens; it is a University inside a garden», remembered Carla Silva when accepting the trophy.

«Thanks to the website of our Arboretum, this garden is not only for the use and delight of those of us that can study and work at Universidad Francisco Marrouín; and the efforts to preserve the fauna and flora of the Montana forest that surrounds our campus is possible because at the UFM we take care and share the natural diversity at the University campus», said Silva.

«This experience allows us to confirm that individuals are the ones that should be responsible for their environment; that there is no incompatibility between economic growth and environment quality; and that the effective protection depends of the institutions that protect the individual rights», she added.

«The Arboretum is a celebration of the environmental richness available to the Guatemalans, thanks to the fulfillment of our mission that is, to teach and diffuse the ethical, legal and economic principles of a society of free and responsible persons», she concluded.

Carla Silva received the trophy accompanied by Ottavio Benfatto, UFM’s administrative vice presitent and Ana Lucía Ortíz.  Also Geraldina Baca-Spross, president of the Organzación para las Artes Francisco Marroquín and Katya Braun-Valle, member of the board of directors of Orpafm. 

This is the third consecutive year that the UFM reaches the nomination stages.  The website of the
Ludwig von Mises Library won the
 for the best website in Guatemala, due to its complete and innovative creation and its user friendly.  In the same contest, the
New Media Digital Center website competed against the library website in the education category; meanwhile the
Museo Popol Vuh also got to the finals in the Art category.  In 2004, the UFM website also was a
 in the education category.

In Guatemala, the Arroba de Oro 2007 was organized by Prensa Libre, sponsored by Telefonica, CDMedia and Páginas Amarillas by Publicar.





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