UFM’s Economy students in New York

The UFM team at Wall Street

In order to know, from first hand, the operation of the main financial organizations of New York, 21 students of the Economic Sciences School of Universidad Francisco Marroquín visited that city in December of 2006 accompanied by professors Jose Raul González Merlo and Ana Lucrecia de González.

During the stroll the students and professors listened to conferences lectured by executives of prestigious companies that operate in that global financial center.

Juan Carlos Carrera received them in Wanchovia Securities where they listened to recommendations for structuring a personal investment portfolio.  In HSBC they knew the economic expectations of two analysts of Private Banking and visited the worlds most important vault of precious metals.  In that place they realized how much a pure gold ingot weighs.  

In Hill & Knowlton they listened to the importance of the public relations strategy in the corporate world; and in Bloomberg they had access to one of the most important companies in the matter of financial information and saw the high level of technological investment that is required to give that service.

In UBS they received two chats: one regarding the process of bond emission and the other on the process of stock emission, fusions and acquisitions. At the Federal Reserve Bank of New York they visited the currency museum of this bank and the vault that keeps the gold from more than a hundred nations. 

In Moodys they changed impressions with the risk analyst that qualifies Guatemala and learned the criteria he uses to recommend the qualification that we currently have. Finally, at Citigroup, they received a chat regarding the financial services that the bank provides in Latin America and walked by the floors where traders buy and sell different financial instruments. 

That tight agenda didnt prevent them from knowing New York’s wide cultural world; they attended famous Broadway shows like the Phantom of Opera, Lion King and Mary Poppins; the Christmas show of the Rockettes, a Goo Goo Dolls concert and several museums.

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