UFM’s President presides the APEE

Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., UFM’s President and President of the Association of Private Enterprise Education (third from left to right) with APEE directives
Fotos by Ramón Parellada

The President of Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S., was elected president of the Association of Private Enterprise Education for the period 2007-2008.

The election took place at the APEEs annual conference celebrated in Cancún, México, from April
8th – 10th of 2007.  Tomorrow, during the encounter, UFM’s professor Joseph Keckeissen, will receive the Kent-Aronoff Service Award that the association gives.  Such award is given to an APEE member that has contributed with his time and talent to the growth of the organization and the benefit of the free market system.

With Ibárgüen and Keckeissen other professors from Universidad Francisco Marroquín participated lecturing conferences during the encounter, such is the case of Roberto Blum, Lisardo Bolaños, Julio Cole, Christopher Lingle and Ramón Parellada.  Other assistants to the APEE Annual conference were Ricardo Castillo A., Jaime Díaz and Fritz Thomas.

The APEE believes that individual knowledge and understanding of a society based on freedom in enterprise and personal life can provide an environment in which people can fulfill their greatest potential. The association serves as a network that provides its members information, interaction and support to their efforts to put in action a precise and objective understanding of the systems of free enterprise.  The Association publishes the
Journal of Private Enterprise.

In 2009 the annual APEE conference will be held at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, in Guatemala.

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