Visitors of Central North College, in the UFM

NCC group.

Professors and students of the Central North College, of Illinois, were invited by the SIFE-UFM team to visit Francisco Marroquín University.

NCC is focused mainly in the liberal arts and predegrees; it is affiliated with the Methodist Church.  Their campus is in Naperville, Illinois and was founded on 1861.  The professors and students who came to the UFM traveled to Guatemala to assist a mission in San Lucas Tolimán.

Students In Free Enterprise) team bases its philosophy on 4 pillars: the personal market economy, empresarialidad, finances and ethics. The intention of the SIFE team is to apply these 4 principles in their community projects.

SIFE is a global and nonlucrative organization that offers students and community members the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication and team work skills, by means of teaching, learning and practicing free market principles.

The visitors walked through the UFM campus and visited the Academic Building and it´s Socratic Wing; the New Media Digital Resources Center, the Advanced Technologies Center and the Popol Vuh Museum.

After the guided tour, the NCC and SIFE-UFM teams met to discuss how to cooperate in projects where they have mutual interestes.

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