Volunteers visited UFM

Elizángela Gutiérrez, Kristen Jorgensen, Héctor Chocoj, Alma Castillo, Gloria Coleman and Otto Ricci at UFM’s Central Garden

Kristen Jorgensen and Gloria Coleman, who are in Guatemala doing voluntary work at the Home Rafael Ayau and studying Spanish, visited Universidad Francisco Marroquín last June 4th and 5th of 2007.

Jorgensen and Coleman met with members of the Impulso al Talteno Académico Program, toured the UFM campus and the city.  During their visit, they were received by UFM´s President, Giancarlo Ibárgüen S.  

At the UFM, the intention of the program Impulso al Talento Académico (ITA) is to form successful professionals prepared to occupy the most important leadership positions, internationally and locally, and to carry out the mission of Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

This house of studies, through the ITA Program grants the selected students, a complete scholarship that covers the expenses of matriculation, quotas and text books. In addition it grants them an allowance for study materials and transportation. The Program also covers the expenses of lodging in university residences.

The students who enjoy the benefits of the ITA Program are carefully selected in order to recruit students with extraordinary intellectual capacities and determination to acquire an excellent professional formation in Business Management, Political Studies, Economy or Law. Another indispensable condition to have access to the program is that they lack enough economic resources to pay for their studies.

The students keep grades superior to the average in their respective academic units and, in addition, they demonstrate high qualities of leadership.

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