Walter Williams in »The New Individualist»

Cover of  The New Individualist March 2006

Walter Williams, doctor honoris causa by the Francisco Marroquín University, was interviewed by The New Individualist and, the photo used in the cover of the publication, was taken at this house of studies.

As an effective communicator of economic and political ideas, Professor Walter Williams has no match.  Fun, charming and persuasive, his ability to translate and explain the most complex affairs, as well as his memorable language, have made of him one of the most popular economic authors and spoke persons, says the introduction to the magazine published in the March 2006 edition of The New Individualist.

In the interview, Williams talked about his autobiography, that he is still writing, about racial discrimination, Objectivism, the Sport Utility Vehicles or SUV and a comparison between George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler, among other current topics.

Williams is ex-dean of the Economic School at George Mason University, in Virginia.  He is author of books like America: A Minority Viewpoint; The State Against Blacks (that became later a documentary broadcasted by PBS called Good Intentions?) and All It Takes Is Guts, among others.

Williams photo, in the cover of The New Individualist, was taken by Luis Figueroa the day he visited the Social Economic Studies Center (CEES), prior to the honorific doctorate ceremony at the UFM.





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