Welcomings at the Medicine School

Federico Alfaro, during his presentation as new Medicine Dean at the UFM

Doctor Federico Alfaro, dean at the Medicine School of the Francisco Marroquín University, welcomed the faculty and pre-med students of that academic unit, in two different acts.

«The spirit of the first welcoming lecture was to communicate the professors my personal concept of a teacher and the process of education, at the same time I made emphasis in the concept of academic excellence of the Francisco Marroquín University», Alfaro said.  

«The spirit of the second welcoming lecture was adressed to the students, to excite them in the decision they made to study medicine.  For such effect I explained them what I consider a good doctor must be, and I took them through a brief tour through medical history, having chosen some illustrious doctors to exemplify the need to remain kind and excited during their studies», the dean added.

Alfaro spoke of his personal experience in the election of Medicine as a profession and the Pacemakers Bank he founded, like an example of fighting for ones goals.  The dean also spoke about taking advantage of time and the proper conduct of a university student. 


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