William Fash, de Copán, en la UFM

William Fash while adressing the crowd that attended his conference at the Popol Vuh Museum
Fotos by Luis Pedro Mirón A.

Copán occupies a special place among ancient Mayan cities, due to its richness in sculpture art and its hieroglyphics, that have trapped the attention of many visitors and travelers, indicated Oswaldo Chinchilla, curator of the Popol Vuh Museum of the Francisco Marroquín University, during the conference imparted by the archeologist William Fash.

During almost thirty years, William Fash has contributed to the effort of the study and conservation of Copán, executing and directing revealing investigations to understand the site and the ancient Mayan civilization in general.

As a result, a vast amount of information has been accumulated, not only on art, but on the society that created it, and the history of developing human societies in the valley of Copán has been documented extensively, since the first rural communities to the raise and fall of the dynasty of the governor at the classical period.

Fash is author and editor of numerous books and articles on Copán.  He is currently head professor of the Bowditch Archeology of Central America and Mexico at the Harvard University, where he also directs the Peabody Museum of Archeology and Ethnology.  In that conference he summed up the most recent results and interpretations of his investigations in Copán.

The conference was celebrated last Thursday July 8th 2006, at the UFMs Popol Vuh Museum.

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