Winner of proposal for the WTC, in the UFM

Daniel Libeskind will visit the UFM in September of 2005

Daniel Libeskind, architect whose proposal was chosen, in 2003, for the masterful plan of the reconstruction of the World Trade Center, in New York, will visit the University Francisco Marroquín where he will distribute a conference and he will maintain a round table with architecture students.

Libeskind has designed buildings anywhere in the world, including the Jewish Museum of Berlin and the Imperial Museum of the War in England. At the moment it is constructing museums in Denver, Toronto and San Francisco; as well as cultural and commercial centers in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Ireland. It founded his study of design on 1990.

«Commenting on the cultures Jewish and German, Libeskind thinks that it decided to show it in the architecture of the museum. Both buildings are separated, although the entrance moors them, but it does by means of an underground union. It is as well as it is managed to preserve a contradictory autonomy in the surface and a connection that is hides in the depth.

«From the moment which one enters the museum there is a breakup sensation; the many changing axes, the light fissures that cross the walls as if they were cracks, the monumental stairs with its scarcities diagonals that connect the parallel walls of concrete, the acoustic reverberation, caused by the material duros, that an echo causes that amplifies all sound. The famous architect Frank Gherry commented that you feel its wrath by the Holocaust in this building…«, said architect David Garda, who works with him and gives to classes in the University Francisco Marroquín.

In the UFM Libeskind p.m will speak on its work Tuesday 20 of September from 2005 to 7:00. in the auditorium Juan Bautista Gutiérrez. The admission for students with membership card will be of Q75, and for the general public Q150.

In this house of studies, Wednesday 21 of September to 10:00, will have a round table with 29 selected students of the UFM, and 5 selected students of each Faculty of Architecture of other universities.

«In its professional practice, Libeskind does not accept to be conventional, is of the last heroes of the vanguard, in spite of to have gained numerous international prizes, its made projects were counted until does few years. Now all this has changed and Libeskind crosses a period of gold; the constructed buildings or or on the way to accomplishment are many and everywhere of the world «, it indicated Garda.




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