Zoning: Pandora’s Box

Elise Bright and Iván Morales, from the Ludwig von Mises Library, at the Special Colection José Cecilo del Valle
Fotos by Luis Pedro Mirón A.

To lecture the conference titled Putting Pandora Back in the Box: Lessons Learned From Eighty Years of Zoning Efforts in the United States, to students of the Masters Degree program Administration of Housing Projects, offered by the Architecture School of the Francisco Marroquín University, Ph.D. Elise Bright visited this university.

Ph.D. Bright is MUP Program Coordinator and Graduate Advisor of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning of the College of Architecture in Texas A&M University.  She is author of Reviving Americas Forgotten Neighborhoods: An Investigation of Inner City Revitalization Efforts.

She received her Ph.D. in Environmental Design in Texas A&M, and her Masters degree on City Planning, at the Harvard University.

During her first day at the UFM, Bright visited the Academic Building and its Socratic Wing, where she knew the work done at the New Media Digital Resources Center.  She also visited the Ludwig von Mises Library and the Popol Vuh Museum and later she had lunch with UFM’s President Giancarlo Ibárgüen S. and Roberto Quevedo, dean of the Architecture School.

The MAPI deals on how to converse from the idea to the development of a profitable and efficient housing project; and is directed to professionals in all areas interested in that economic activity.

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