Baby Circus: Concert for parents and babies

View of one of ths scenes from Baby Circus, at the UFM
Photo by Gustavo Castillo

«The babies world, in the comfort of the maternal belly is a small world», reason for which the concert dedicated to the couples that are expecting babies closed with the presentation of the show Baby Circus, presented by Organización para las Artes Francisco Marroquín, last May 26 and 27th of 2007. 

The Tiny Tunes Orchestra, integrated by members of Disney´s Baby Einstein Performers, performed.

«During the show mothers touched their bellies with caressing their unborn babies; same which, as of the fifth month of pregnancy, are able to listen to friendly sounds especially music selected for their brains in formation», Geraldina Baca-Spross, president of the Organization explained.

«Listening to the right kind of music constitutes the most significant foundation so that babies learn afterwards the rudiments of language.   Cradle songs are filled with short messages and water sounds that resemble those that the baby already listens inside the maternal wound.  Cheerful characters distracted small children during the show and the parents could share directly with their spouses and their upcoming children well-being and joyful sensations through the music specially created by Baby Einstein», she added.  

«There were also some sounds that woke up the babies and shook them out of their dreams.  A message of happiness and contrast was though in every moment, as well as great intimacy between the mother and the unborn baby and his siblings.  There were surprise gifts and a special menu before and after the concert and during the break.  The stage decoration represented the upcoming paternity and the joy at home that is complemented with the arrival of a baby», she concluded.  

The Baby Einstein concept emphasizes that very high or toxic sounds are a threat for the auditory ability of the baby.  Their music is of the highest quality interpreted by musicians like Tom Nazziola, producer of Einstein.  Bab, whose name appears in all the CD´s of the prestigious and only Orchestra specialized in babies and small children, Dan Willis, John Boggie and Gregg August.  

Both shows concluded with the well-known theme It’s a small world that for decades has been the central theme of Disney’s parks throughout the world, with graceful animals animating the applause of children.  The traditional scenery with gentile and amusing figures was added in order to promote the union of children with their parents, siblings and grandparents.  

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