De León Barbero will recieve recognition in Perú

Doctor Julio César De León Barbero in class, at the UFM

Julio Caesar De León Barbero, head professor of Social Philosophy, at the Henry Hazlitt Center in Universidad Francisco Marroquín, will be receiving recognitions from Instituto de Investigaciones y Pensamiento Peruano y Latinoamericano for his educational and research work done throughout 25 years of teaching at the UFM.

In Lima, Peru, doctor De León Barbero will also participate in the First Ibero-American Jouneys of Philosophical, Legal and Political Analysis, sponsored by
IIPLA and by the
Círculo Peruano de Investigaciones Filosóficas y Transdisciplinarias.

The recognition will take place next June 21st, where he will be lecturing the inaugural conference titled The Austrian theory of institutions.

The laureate is doctor in Philosophy and head of the Social Philosophy class in this house of studies, he also directs the 
Philosophy Seminar; and he is author of Homo agens or economicus?  Mises and the anthropological nature of economy.




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