Humanities Seminar, at the UFM

Juan Roberto Brenes, first from left to right, during the first session of the Seminar he preceeds at UFM

Businessmen, civil employees, journalists, academics and students participated in the first session of the Humanities Seminar 2007, at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, titled Philosophical Introduction to the F.A Hayek Thought, directed by professor Juan Roberto Brenes.

The inaugural session was celebrated last June 8th of 2007 and the following sessions will take place every Friday until July 27.

During the Seminar they will discuss texts such as the book Philosophical Introduction to the F.A Hayek Thought, by Gabriel Zanotti; and texts by Hayek, such as Scientism and the Study of Society, Theory of Complex Phenomena, The Use of Knowledge in Society, Confusion in the Language of Political Thinking, Liberalism, Coaction and the State, The Evolution of the State of Law, The Decadence of the LawGeneral Well-being and Individual Goals, and Social or Distributive Justice.  

Brenes is professor of Professional Ethics, Applied Psychology, Business Advising, Political Philosophy and Economic History.  He has directed nine seminaries on Political Philosophy for professors and two seminaries of History of Economic Thought.  He published his economist degree thesis in 1981 titled Epistemologic Problems Around Economic Science.  

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