Leon Krier, invited by MAPI 

El arquitecto Leon Krier

Leon Krier, one of the most outstanding architects and city planners in the world, will lecture a conference titled The Concepts of Traditional Urbanism in the World of Today, sponsored by the Master in Administration of Real Estate Projects, from the School of Businesses at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, jointly with Grupo Cayalá.

Architect Krier received the Rivchal Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture, in 2003.  He is one of the most important influences in the new urbanism.  He has spent his life writing, drawing, lecturing conferences and teaching.  He has designed outstanding plans for many European cities, including Poundbury, whose developer is the Prince of Wales.  One of his most read books is Architecture, Choice or Fate.

The conference that will be introduced by Architect Juan Pablo Rosales, will be celebrated at Hotel Quinta Real, next Monday June 25th of 2007 at 7:30 p.m.  The entrance is free for MAPI students and professors who confirm their attendance at 
mags@ufm.edu.gt, so that their names are in the list. 

MAPI is a two year program with architectonic, economic, financial, administrative and legal an approach.  It has theoretical and practical components, and international professors from successful companies.  




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