Mayor Arzú visited the Quauhquechollan Linen Cloth

Osvaldo Salazar, Patricia de Arzú and the mayor Alvaro Arzú while observing one of the videos that explains the Quauhquechollan Linen Cloth, at the UFM

Accompanied by his wife, Patricia de Arzú and the novelist and university professor Osvaldo Salazar, the mayor of Guatemala City, Alvaro Arzú, visited the exhibition Quauhquechollan’s Linen Cloth at Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

The Linen cloth shows the route that the quauhquecholtecans crossed, lead by Jorge de Alvarado, during the conquest of Guatemala.  This is not only one of the few information resources that exists about the conquest expeditions, but the first geographic map that is known of our country; and in it the story of a migration that transformed the identity of an entire population is narrated.

Quauhquechollan’s Linen Cloth is a Nahuatl painting of the 26th Century, in which the indigenous quauhquecholtecans left their vision of the Spanish conquest.  In 1520 the inhabitants of the Nahuatl community of Quauhquechollan allied themselves with Hernán Cortéz and participated later as Co-conquerors in the military campaigns of the Spaniards, in exchange for being released from the mexica oppression. 

The visit took place last June 8th of 2007.




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